WI FI  in  “MAJAHUA” We know how important connectivity is today and for that reason we inform you of the scope of it in our facilities, especially for those who want to work while resting.

    The Wi-Fi is free but for reasons beyond “Majahaua” has its limitations. In the hotel we have TWO modems of TELMEX with the plan of 10 gigas of speed.

    THE FIRST installed in the reception office and covers the restaurant area and Suite “La Puerta” As an upward repeater we have a TP LINK with a double antenna that distributes the signal in the area of the rooms, TELMEX says that the speed it delivers is up to 10 gigas. In the “up to” is the problem because in many cases it becomes only 4. So in rooms “La Palma”,”Azul”, “Bambu”, “El Arbol” and “La Torre” we can say that connectivity is stable but sometimes not very strong. The Suite “La Puerta” for being close to reception has more strenght. We always have connectivity  unless TELMEX technical failures or lack of electrical power.

    THE SECOND MODEM is installed at the TAPAS BAR on the beach and covers its area well unless TELMEX technical failures or lack of electrical power. Our best wish is to achieve the highest and fastest connectivity to WI-FI. We are not technicians especialized on the matter but we try to help in what we can. Thanks for your understanding.

    ATTE the administration.