Menú "Restaurant"

To Start:

Green Salad assortment of lettuces, carrot, tomato, brocoly ($ 70)
Mediterranean Salad Avocado, tomatoes, cheese with marinated purple onion ($ 75)

Grilled Vegetables with Alioli  ($110)
Smoked Salmon and Avocado "Timbal" dtopped with olive "Tapenade" ($ 120)
Octopus Carpaccio gallega style 130 gr ($130)
Tuna Sashimi  ($ 130)


Spaghetti  Butter and fine herbes ($ 95)
Spaghetti Home made Pesto -olive oil,organic basil and nuts-($120)
Spaghetti Gorgonzola cheese sauce ($130)
Spaghetti with shrimp garlic and butter ($160)

Lasagna ( beef/pork/ spinach / cheese) tomato sauce ($150)

Lasagna ( mushroms/ spinach / cheese) tomato sauce ($150)


Tradicional chicken, fish,  porck, chorizo and shrimp
Sae Food shrimp, fish, jaiba(crab) and squid /  FOR TWO ($450)

Sea Food, Fish and more

Shrimp  with garlic and fine herbs ($ 150)
Shrimp Shishcabab ($ 160)
Shrimp "Morodo" marinated with coriander sauce ($ 160)
Mahi Mahi fish fillet  with garlic and fine herbs ($140)
Mahi Mahi fish fillet  "Morodo" marinated with coriander sauce ($ 150)
Mahi Mahi fish fillet  "Majahua" mango  and tree chile  ($160)
Mahi Mahi fish fillet  Home made Pesto -olive oil,organic basil and nuts- ($ 160)
Salmon Sealed with lemon ($ 190)
Rib Eye with grilled vegetables ($230)

15% service will be added to check