This grate place "Majahua" Jungle Hotel

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“Majahua”, built into the flank of a hill by the sea, provides a magnificent view of the ocean and the jungle. In its construction, a mindful effort was made to disturb the natural environment as little as possible.

Colored in tones of ochre so that they blend into the terrain; the rooms are constructed so as to follow and fit into the natural inclines of the land.

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In all of “Majahua” the design is playful and arty, reflecting the whimsy of their creators. No man made garden just nature as it is.

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Majahua is situated on about 2.5 acres, an exclusive setting for its six guest quarters that provide guests with an ideal place for resting, reading, writing, or meditating without interruptions inside the room or in its terraces.

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The restaurant serves delicious breakfast and dinners, the intimate, splendid and multi level swimming pool / spa is a great spot to enjoy the view of the sea and the beach while you refresh under the waterfall.

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We are at the south end of Chacala Bay one of the 18 certified beaches in all of Mexico coast line.

To get  from the dinning and reception area to the sandy beach there is a five minute walk by the beach or by mountain paths.

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