Majahua Jungle Hotel - Chacala, Nayarit, 63715, Mexico


At Chacala town we have an instructor and surf boards rental.

For advanced surfers Punta Caleta, a left breaking point, is accessible by boat from Chacala peer. There are two different swell seasons, the south swell during hurricane season and the northwesterly winter swell. The summer's south season is less consistent, but can jack up to double overhead barrels or open gently sloped faces. In the winter months, after the change of season around Christmas, the consistent head high waves from the North arrive. These break steeper and with more speed than the southerly swells, making for two or three fast workable sections. There are sea urchins and the shore is rocky, but there is a small beach for resting or for spectators.

For the intermediate or the beginner surfer that has spent only a few days considering the waves and practicing, a 30 minute drive to Platanitos has proven to be successful grounds for learning. It is a sand bottom river mouth beach break that likes northwesterly swell.

The beach is white sand bordered by a coconut plantation; there are many pleasant miles to walk while your favorite surfers try to pull into the snappy long waves.

Majahua Jungle Hotel
South end of Chacala Bay
Chacala, Nayarit, 63715, Mexico
Call: 327 219 40 53 "l" 327 219 40 54


Majahua Jungle Hotel, Nayarit, Mexico

“Majahua”, built into the flank of a hill by the sea, provides a magnificent view of the ocean. In its construction, a mindful effort was made to disturb the natural environment as little as possible. No man made garden just nature as it is. We are at the south end of Chacala Bay one of the 18 certified beaches in all of Mexico coast line.