Majahua Jungle Hotel - Chacala, Nayarit, 63715, Mexico

Boat trips

At Chacala there is a tourist coop that gives the service. We help you with the reservation.

  • Whale watching ( mid November / March)
  • Boat trip to next door beach “Las Cuevas” and coast line.
Majahua Jungle Hotel
South end of Chacala Bay
Chacala, Nayarit, 63715, Mexico
Call: 327 219 40 53 "l" 327 219 40 54


Majahua Jungle Hotel, Nayarit, Mexico

“Majahua”, built into the flank of a hill by the sea, provides a magnificent view of the ocean. In its construction, a mindful effort was made to disturb the natural environment as little as possible. No man made garden just nature as it is. We are at the south end of Chacala Bay one of the 18 certified beaches in all of Mexico coast line.